Thank you! All of us here at Worcester CU are deeply grateful to the army of workers who take on the risk of COVID-19 to heal us, keep us safe and fed, deliver food and products to our doorsteps, and make it possible for essential workers, including the Worcester CU staff, to get to and from work.

As our members are dealing with reductions in income, or the fear of financial setbacks during the pandemic, the Worcester Credit Union staff is rising to the challenge. I could not be more proud of the deep commitment the staff continues to demonstrate to our members and to each other.

I am grateful as well to our Worcester Credit Union Board of Directors who have also risen to the challenge, supporting our members in every way possible; and showing appreciation to staff, from lunch delivered to the team to calls, emails and ‘visits’ through the drive up to show their support! Their commitment, caring and consideration for our Community, Members and Staff are second to none of all the boards I have ever worked with.

Lastly, thank you to our members who have demonstrated patience, understanding and willingness to ‘change’ the way you ‘used to’ conduct your business here at Worcester CU. Your acceptance of this restrictive but thoughtful ‘new’ way we must function with at this time is much appreciated.  Now, more than ever before, we strive to exceed your expectations, and introduce you to ‘new’ ways to conduct your necessary business in the easiest and safest way possible as we provide you with solutions for your financial needs and concerns.  Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty.

May each and every one of you stay well as we continue to navigate through this crisis one day at a time.

Warmest regards,

Lisa A. Perrin
President/ CEO
Worcester Credit Union