Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) nursing assistant trainees just completed Worcester Credit Union’s (WCU) class on budgeting and understanding credit. The partnership between Worcester CU and QCC offers a brighter financial future to students who experienced long-term unemployment; and Worcester’s residents benefit from skilled nursing assistants who are vital to providing high-level care in facilities throughout our area.

According to WCU CEO Karen Duffy, “WCU is excited to be part of this important win-win for the trainees and our community. This program demonstrates how businesses and institutions can work together to create jobs and enhance our communities. We’re thrilled to help these outstanding students prepare for secure financial futures.”

A Massachusetts Department of Education Training Resources and Internship Networks (TRAIN) grant given jointly to WCU and QCC provides job training and financial literacy skills to help long term unemployed develop job skills and learn the basics of financial management. The grant funded three classes of 10 students for 2017.