Worcester Credit Union and Quinsigamond Community College have teamed up to provide job training and financial literacy training to help long term unemployed members of the community develop job skills and financial management tools.

On Tuesday, February 14, 2017, WCU will host the first workshop, Budgeting and Understanding Credit, for a class of QCC nursing assistant trainees at Worcester Credit Union.  WCU CEO Karen Duffy explained, “WCU is excited to be part of this important program.  By providing job skills and financial education QCC and WCU are creating opportunity for long term unemployed members of our community. WCU’s training teaches participants the basics of personal finance and helps prepare unbanked members of the class to use low cost services from banks and credit unions in lieu of storefront check cashing and lender services.”

WCU partnered with QCC for a TRAIN grant from the Massachusetts Department of Education. TRAIN stands for Training Resources and Internship Networks, a Community College Workforce Development Grant program.  WCU will hold additional training for new students in April and June.