The Membership Advantage Edge Home Equity Line: Intro rate 1.75% APR* first 12 months and as low as 3.5% APR* after the first 12 months**

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WCU Edge Home Equity Line

Intro Rate 1.75% APR* click here for rates

Home Equity Edge Line of Credit Special at Worcester Credit Union

When we say “Value Of Membership at Worcester CU”, we mean it, and this line of credit delivers it!  You deserve access to the equity in your home easily without application fees or closing costs- so why wait? The equity you’ve built into your home can allow you to manage the expenses for your present and future needs.  This great line of credit gives you the ‘edge’ to manage day to day issues as they arise, easily and without a long process each and every time you need to access funds.

Use your Home Equity Line of Credit for:

  • Home Improvements
  • Major Purchases
  • Education
  • Vacations
  • Investments
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Anything else you want in life!

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*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is accurate as of 07/31/2020 and is subject to change after the account is opened. An introductory APR of 1.75% for the first twelve billing cycles. Thereafter, the APR will be set on the last business day of each month, which will be either a floor rate of 3.50% APR or 1% below the US Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the last business day of each month, whichever is greater. **Rate will not go below 3.50%. The US Prime Rate on July 31, 2020, was 3.25%, resulting in a non-discounted APR of 3.50% due to the floor rate. Maximum APR is 18%. If appraisal is required, the charge will range from $400 to $550. Offer applies to owner occupied primary residences only. All requests subject to credit approval. Maximum repayment period is 20 years. Early Termination Fee: If the Line of Credit is paid off and borrower requests a discharge of mortgage within 36 months of account opening, an early termination fee of $500 will be charged. All credit union loan rates, terms, conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

WCU Edge Home Equity Loan

If you are looking for the security of a fixed interest rate, a fixed payment, and a fixed term, an Edge Home Equity Loan from Worcester Credit Union is the answer. You will know exactly what your payment is each month and when the loan will be repaid. For more information, please call us at 508.853.9966.

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